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After the premiere of Angelina Jolie's soon-to-be hit Salt last night, she and Brad Pitt celebrated at the official after-party in the Grand Ballroom at Hollywood and Highland.

The power couple arrived together shortly before 10 p.m. and stayed about an hour.

"We're going to have a little bit of an after-party," Angelina told us earlier on the carpet last night, but said they couldn't stay too long. "We have to get [the kids] out the door for camp tomorrow."

But Brangelina playing Mom and Dad wasn't a big surprise. What shocked partygoers the most was...

How included father Jon Voight was in all of the festivities.

After arriving and posing on the carpet with his son James Haven, Jon, in a rare move, skipped most press interviews and went straight inside the theater (where he sat through the screening with his whole family) even though you could tell it kinda killed him. But Jon's restraint was well rewarded.

"It was actually really cute how Jon was interacting with Brad and Angelina," a source inside the after-party tells us.

"Jon arrived with James around 9:45 and went up to Liev Schreiber, who was sitting with Naomi Watts, to compliment him on his performance. Once Brad and Angie arrived, Jon went back over to their table in the center and started talking with [Brad]" our inside source dishes.

While sipping on champagne, Pitt put his arm around Angie's dad and talked for a few minutes while Jolie made some of her obligatory social rounds.

Angelina was busy talking with other guests, including her brother, and then finally the PDA interaction everyone was waiting for happened. But, it wasn't Brad and Angie. It was Jon and Angie.

"They were hugging and Angelina couldn't stop smiling" our after-party eyes says.

Aww, we love that they all made up.

The other slightly more random Brangelina bestie of the night was Blind Side star Quinton Aaron. Brad and Angie pulled him into their center table, letting him bypass multiple security guards, talking for a while and snapping a couple pics.

As for the Brange, they looked super happy all night, but kept their own PDA to a minimum besides some kisses and hand on tush exchanges at the beginning of the soiree.

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