Justin Timberlake

AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

He's a singer, a dancer and an actor.

Justin Timberlake is also a director.

The former boybander, who stars in the upcoming Facebook movie The Social Network, recently went behind the camera…

Timberlake directed a new ad campaign for his 901 Tequila.

And guess who he cast in one of the spots! Nope, not girlfriend Jessica Biel, but her younger brother, also named Justin, who works at the tequila company. He appears in a party scene that takes place at The Standard Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

That doesn't mean Jessica wasn't around. A source reports she was on set for all three days of the shoot. Timberlake & Co. also shot at estates in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills.

Timberlake, the source reports, was a no-attitude, let's-get-the-work-done kind of boss. "At the end of the shoot when they wrapped," the source said, "Justin took the time to go around and say thank you to everyone."

—Additional reporting by Whitney English

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