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While Elin and Tiger Woods' divorce may not be legal just yet, we're hearing she stands to inherit more than just hundreds of millions of dollars.

A source close to Nordegren tells us a top sports marketing firm is making a major play for the former Mrs. Woods, trying to get her endorsement deals or "anything" she would go for.

And Elin hasn't exactly said no to the offers just yet:

While it's rumored she will still head back to Sweden with the kids, we're told by our Elin insider that the sports suits are throwing enough options her way that it's getting hard to turn down.

Reports Deep Elin:

"They are trying to get her to be a personality, get her endorsement deals, get her a talk show, really anything they can try and come up with that she will want to go for."

The blonde babe's response?

"Well, so far she hasn't said no and seems to be mildly interested."

How interesting! Hey, we think E. deserves everything she can get after being royally cheated on (and then some) by her skank-lovin' spouse.

Sure, a lot of Tiger's money doesn't hurt, but let's hit him where it will really hurt: his branding ego.

And, as we said, it's not just being a spokesperson that Elin's being wooed for, it's TV, too. Oprah's looking for female-empowerment shows and personalities for her new network, right? Hello, perfect fit! But, maybe not right this second:

"It seems like she's waiting until after the divorce," adds our source.

Oh, and don't think you've seen the last of Tiger, either.

"He wins one tournament, and he's right back," adds one of our Tiger insiders who is most familiar with how the marketing side of sports figures works.

While we were a bit surprised at first, the reasoning makes sense.

"There is no other athlete on the level of Tiger who appeals to that upper echelon," our pro-sports biz expert dishes. "You know, the moneyed crowd that both plays and watches golf. This isn't the basketball crowd, these fans have real money, and the advertisers know it."

Think Jack Nicholson would disagree, but we see the point.

So would you like to see Elin and Tiger face off more in the press? Part of us thinks the babe should hightail it the hell outta the U.S. and take her kids somewhere they can all start over. But then again, Tiger vs. Elin would certainly make for some fun ad campaigns.

Think Adidas is interested?

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