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Calm down, everybody.

Despite what you may have read, oh, just about everywhere, heartwarming singing sensation and Oprah's Favorite Thing Charice did not get Botox in order to make her 18-year-old skin look even smoother in anticipation of her Glee appearance.

Which isn't to say she that didn't get Botox for altogether separate reasons. Here's the deal:

"Charice received some Botox shots in her jaw due to muscle pain and she had a facial," the singer's rep told E! News. "She already looks fresh. This has been so blown out of proportion."

Part of the reason why it grew so "out of proportion" is that the source of the rumor.

While giving a press conference in her native Philippines, Charice herself told reporters that she got Botox and a skin-tightening Thermage treatment "to look fresh on camera."

Maybe she was trying to put a positive spin on it, maybe her answer got lost in translation. Whatever the case, her rep said that Charice underwent the procedure for one reason only—not for cosmetic purposes, but to relieve ongoing jaw pain.

Unfortunately (though not for the rumor mill), her less than discrete doctor disagreed.

"Charice's face, I've been noticing, it's been getting wider," (controversial) cosmetologist Vicki Belo said. "Although the body is very small…her face is getting wide."

The reason for that, Belo claimed, was Charice's penchant for Bubble Yum.

"Our chewing muscles, if you chew a lot of gums, it gets bigger."

One look at the narrow-visaged Britney Spears and we're gonna have to go with the rep on this one.

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What else is keeping Glee in the news? Funny you should ask.

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