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This is it—the end of our long and wondrous Tater Top Awards journey.

We'd planned on wrapping things up with a video of a single golden potato closing its tear-filled eye à la Jack Shephard, but alas, the potato was booked elsewhere.

The final round of E! Online's Tater Tops Awards 2010—where you fans decide which TV faves get the glory—is the grandaddy of all grandaddies! Two categories, two crowns. The titles of Best Drama and Best Comedy are here, and you have the final say…

You nominated your favorites comedies and dramas of the 2009-10 TV season, and it was no picnic narrowing down the nominees. But the TV watchers have spoken (clicked?) and we are proud to present the contenders...

If we committed the ultimate sin of forgetting your favorite show, tell me! Tweet @KristinDSantos or flood the comments below. There is always time to add in last-minute nominees.

Important! All the Tater Top polls will close on Tuesday (tomorrow) at midnight, so get your last-minute votes in now.  Winners will be announced on Wednesday. 

Here are all the previous categories: 

Best Line in a Comedy and Drama

Favorite Reality Star and Favorite Reality Show

Best Guest Star and Best New Show

Show You Cannot Believe Is Still on the Air, and Guiltiest Pleasure

Most Heartbreaking Cancellation and New Fall Show You're Most Excited About

Steamiest Moment and Biggest Tearjerker

Star You'll Miss the Most and Show You'll Miss the Most

Best Baddie and Best Bitch

Best Kiss and Best Fight

Drama Mama and Drama King

Favorite Funnyguy and Favorite Funnygirl

Best Couple, Oddest Couple and Love Triangle You're So Over

Best Shocker and Moment That Made You Want to Throw Out Your TV

Breakout Star, Male and Female

Luckily, there's still time to vote (and nominate!) in previous polls. So check out all the categories above and make sure you didn't miss a thing. I mean, heaven forbid you forgot about Snooki or something.

Please note: We know, you are super busy and important and probably reading this on your phone. Ya can't vote yet, but we promise this will still be here once you find a computer. And for the record, we think we are more important than most careers. Just saying.

Reminder: We here at WWK are certified robot killers, so no spammers will touch these polls.


We'll be at Comic-Con bringing you all the scoop on your favorite shows, so be sure to follow the WWK team for the play-by-play action:  @kristindsantos @megmasters @drumoorhouse @jbomb11 @tbrick_2

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