Tiger Woods, Mel Gibson

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When it comes to creating headlines for the dirtiest of deeds, in the past, actors have trumped athletes.

That was until Tiger Woods proved that even the dullest-seeming sports star can be just as scandalous as any T-town hottie. But after getting trashed in the tabs and having to pucker up and kiss some major public ass, Tiger got back to using his putter for the right reasons.

Though with Mel Gibson stirring up a storm of racial slurs and death threats, we got to thinking...

Who has an easier time making a comeback after a scandal has broken, actors or athletes?

We know that both dudes have committed a different crime against their careers, so you might need to use a bit of imagination. Tiger’s sexting isn’t quite as dubious as the alleged abuse allegations from Mel's baby mama Oksana Grigorieva. And despite Mel’s “just b--w me” cries, he's kept little Gibson in check around skanky cocktail waitress. You know, Mel only threatened to burn a house down.

So, folks, in general, which guy’s career allows him to win the forgiveness of the public sooner: Do athletes have the winning ticket,using their skills to distract from their drama, or do actors, with their chops for, well, acting, make for the perfect public apology?

Or maybe Tiger and Mel are both just effed. Sound off below!

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Who makes better comebacks, actors or athletes?

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