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The So You Think You Dance bell is tolling for Billy.

With Ashley Galvan's season-ending injury tonight, bottom-three benchwarmer Billy Bell's life on the show was spared by default.

What is wrong with you, American voters? Why are you hating on Billy—a critical favorite? And why are the dancers dropping like flies? Here's what the latest victim, Ashley, and the judges told us after tonight's results show...

Unlike Alex Wong's predictable exit (sob!) last week after lacerating his Achilles, Ashley's "rib bruise" seemed minor enough to guarantee she'd be moving on—maintaining a semblance of gender equity among the remaining testosterone-heavy crew. So our Billy-lovin' hearts sunk when the judged criticized his "default" solo while praising Jose Ruiz. "He's never had that much snap, speed, energy," Adam Shankman enthused about the B-boy.

So is technically superb Billy's future really doomed? "His legs are only going to get him so far," Mia Michaels told us about the Juilliard-trained soloist. "He has to keep breaking down those walls, connect with the audience and work on different styles. I love that he's such a strong technical, trained dancer, but I understand why America is not voting for him."

"Billy has been one of the most praised soloists in his world growing up, and I think this is very confusing time for him," Adam added. "I feel like he's started to figure something out this week. If he just keeps it up, America will catch up a little bit."

America can catch up with Ashley when the So You Think You Can Dance tour kicks off in New Orleans Sept. 19. "It sucks," Ashley told us backstage about her injury elimination, but "I do have something to look forward to, which is the tour. Going on the tour is such an amazing opportunity."

As for the remaining contestants, Adam said, "What's become evident is some of them feel like they are only here because other people have gotten hurt, and they are very disoriented. They are so tense and so freaked out right now."

What about you? Are you freaking out about the injuries...and the voting? Let us know in the comments, and rate the remaining contestants in our gallery.


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