We were, to say the least, shocked when more than a few of you goss-loving gals 'n' guys asked us to dish more on stars being...uh, nice. But we're here to please (on occasion), so why not pat a few celebs on the back for their good deeds, no? Especially when it's one of our absolute faves:

Jake Gyllenhaal, of course, who stars in a PSA for Stand Up To Cancer and their Sept. 10 telethon (airing on E! as well as a handful of other stations). The TV spot—which hit the air during the Major League Baseball All-Star game—shows a side of Gyllenhaal we can get behind:

Sure, we give the guy crap for his sometime T-town missteps (Prince of Persia, Reese Witherspoon), but only because we expect more from the dude. Much more. He's charmingly talented, as well as mostly swoon-worthy, so we know he could be one Hollywood's biggest stars if he would just stop sabotaging himself—at times.

But this ad threw us for a loop, thankfully, because it gave us exactly the Jake we want to see.

The clip features a bearded (but in a handsome, totally un-Brad Pitt moss-face kind of way) Jakey-poo comparing baseball and cancer research, the point being that both succeed through teamwork. It's the stuff Lance Armstrong's always trying to pull off, but, Gyllenhaal just seems so much more sincere about it all. And while the PSA itself is definitely noteworthy, it's the behind-the-scenes footage that had us totally hearting JG.

In extra-footage rolled between takes, a very open Jake reveals how cancer has affected his own life, revealing that his uncle recently died from the disease. For a fellow who fronts so much in his public persona, it's tres touching to see Jake open and honest for a cause near and dear to him.

This is the kind of work we want to see you do, Jake.

Meaningful, heartfelt and totally emotional bull's-eye stuff, ya know? Now that you've got your big blockbuster paycheck and seem content living single, we hope you'll continue on this path so we can write some more nice things about you from time to time.

But not this nice—we're practically tearing up over here. Somebody pass the tissues!

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Photos: Do-Gooder Gallery

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