Kelly Bensimon

It's been a rocky Real Housewives road for Kelly Bensimon, and the question remains: Will this gal "make lemons out of lemonade" and sign on for another season of the Bravo megahit?

At the moment she's up in the air, but there's still hope! Here's what she tells us:

"We're just going to see," Kelly says of returning to the series that brought us her breakdown breakthrough at "Scary Island." "The deciding factor is really just being able to celebrate these women—I don't want to fight with people. That's really like the big deciding factor, if it's going to be authentic. If it's not authentic, I don't want to be a part of that."

One thing that might keep her around is the possible inclusion of some real-life besties.

Says Kelly: "I've asked a lot of my friends. If they do want to change up cast, I have a lot of awesome friends that I'm sure would jump on with me. I'd be like, 'Let's have some good times. Let's have some fun here.'"

She's even willing to have some fun with series rival Bethenny Frankel next season, should they both make their way back onto our Bravo small screens.

"We haven't been in touch, because we're not filming anymore," Kelly explains, "but her value system has changed. I can be sensationalistic on camera, but my children are the most important things to me. So I'm happy that now we have something to bond over."

That little bond, of course, being Bethenny's newborn daughter Bryn Hoppy.

Do you want to see Kelly back on Real Housewives? Sound off below.

—Additional reporting by James Chairman

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