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They may have shared screen time on Dancing With the Stars, but Tony Dovolani said he's not watching former partner Kate Gosselin on TV anymore.

When asked if he's been tuning in for her TLC show Kate Plus Eight, he said he's been too busy to watch. "I missed it," he told me yesterday at Armani Exchange's Chill Truck bash. "I'm too busy working and traveling."

And he won't be TiVo'ing it either, because he told me he already reached his limit with the mom of eight...

"I had a lot of Kate this last season...I could use a break!" he said. (Sounds like he's pretty happy to be done dealing with her.)

In related reality affairs, Tony also said the Jake and Vienna split was no surprise to him.

"In public, I think they were great," he said of the twosome. "In public, they only showed that they were in love with each other. But you could tell it was fake."

Hmm...how did he know it was a showmance?

"You can tell because you can look at a person and tell if they're in love or they're not in love. Me being married for ten years, I knew it wasn't going to last."

You and most of the Bachelor viewers, right?

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