Miles Austin, Kim Kardashian

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We love us some Kardashians, and no, not just because they're part of our E! family.

Scott Disick aside, the sisters clearly like their men athletic, hence Kim Kardashian's new studly beau, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin. Hotness!

We all know what happened last season when Kim stuck by her football player BF (if you all aren't sports enthusiasts, let us jog your memory: Reggie Bush's team won the Super Bowl), and while Saints head coach Sean Payton is sad to see Kim go, Dallas Cowboys player Martellus Bennett isn't sure what to expect with their new insanely hot cheerleader...

Payton told us at an ESPY party that "honorary" Saints member Kim will very much be missed in the stands this season.

"We'll just play it by ear," Payton told us when we asked if the Saints would need a new good-luck charm. His next pick? Kendra Wilkinson, but that E! honey is already snatched up. "I think Hank Baskett already signed with the Eagles, so we'll just see!"

Dallas Cowboy tight end Bennett, looking tight everywhere might we add, chimed in saying he's happy for Miles and Kim personally, but on the field it's all about the players.

"I wouldn't consider her an honorary player, but yeah we did [pick up an honorary Cowboy]," Bennett laughed. "That's their personal relationship. I don't know what goes on with them. I think as long as they're happy, as long as Miles is happy, that's all that matters."

We reminded him that the last time our gal picked a team they won the Super Bowl, so he should give her a little more props. It's called a sports good-luck charm people!

"I don't think that had anything to do with it," Martellus ‘fessed. "The Saints were a good team. I think she gets a little too much credit for the Super Bowl. The Saints did a good job."

Yeah, yeah, say that now, but when Kim is looking good up in your stands and you start winning, be sure to thank her later, Martellus!

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