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Tater Tops Graphic

If you're still picking apart the Emmy nominations, you are…alone. We here at WWK are focusing all our energy on the true test of TV greatness: E! Online's Annual Tater Top Awards!

Because a breath of fresh air on our moving-picture boxes is a good thing, this round of Taters is dedicated to the best of the guests, and some new kids, too. Did your faves make the nomination list? Stretch those mouse-clicking fingers...

Guest stars can make for one Groff-tacular episode of TV. And how about those new kids on the block? We had musical numbers and vampires and Ed O'Neill for Tater's sake! Tough call for each category. But you begged to be heard, and someone has to pick a winner. That burden cannot fall on us, you know.

It is your privilege—nay, your duty to vote for the top of the Tater crop. Voting and nominating goes until July 20, so keep coming back. Enjoy today's poll, brought to you evil spam-robot free, as always!

Please Note: If you're reading this via mobile, then you probably noticed you can't vote. Hurts, don't it? Well, next time you're stationary at a computer, this poll will still be here. You are welcome.

Did we forget someone or something that would leave a hole in your heart lest it be deprived of Tater Tops glory? Well, snap. Go to @KristinDSantos and tell me all about it. Or leave it in the comments below. I might agree with you and sneak it in the poll!

Let's Get Real: By real, I mean as real as you can get in the world of reality television. Because tomorrow you will be voting for Favorite Reality Star and Favorite Reality Show. It'll be a tough category, with all the dancing and singing and whatnot and what have you. That's why you still have time to nominate your reality favorites! Tweet me @KristinDSantos or leave them in our comments section. Then fly back tomorrow to see how it all turned out. Can't take the suspense? Neither can we!


The 2010 Emmys are important too, we guess. Follow the coverage here!

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