Most of the salt water in this episode of Deadliest Catch came courtesy of all the tears.

Tuesday's installment of the Discovery Channel hit marked the last footage shot of Cornelia Marie Capt. Phil Harris before his death from a brain hemorrhage Feb. 10, less than two weeks after he suffered a major stroke.

Even if you never saw Harris as he was before—a chain-smoking, charmingly profane alpha male who practiced tough love and lived nine lives in one—it's still beyond heartbreaking to watch him apologize to son Josh Harris for not being a better dad.

It's even sadder that doctors were describing his recovery as "miraculous" and recommending he be transferred from Providence Medical Center in Anchorage, Alaska, to a rehabilitation facility in his hometown of Seattle, only to lose him a few days later.

"I have a crab season next September," Harris, a career fisherman first and foremost, told his doctor.

Before anyone cries exploitation, know that it was the skipper himself who requested that the cameras keep rolling inside his hospital room. According to son Josh, who talked about his dad on The Tonight Show Monday, Harris knew that his struggle was going to make for "good TV."

Tonight's episode also featured Jake Harris, who was charged with reckless driving not long after his dad died, calling a treatment center and telling the operator he needed help for substance abuse. Thankfully, he's able to tell his father he's keeping his promise to get some help.

"I'm real proud of you," Harris tells Jake. "That makes me happy."

Josh said last night that his brother has since checked into rehab and is doing well. As for him, he's hoping to quit smoking soon, knowing that the habit didn't do his father any favors.

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