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John P. Johnson/HBO

Sure, we love the witty one-liners and bloody fang-tastic plotlines on HBO's vamp hit True Blood, but let's be honest, there's one sexy reason we tune in week after week: those dudes' delicious bodies.

And with the amount of male nudity the show, we get more than an eyeful of the many manly bods: Alexander Skarsgard's bulky pecs, Ryan Kwanten's chiseled abs and Sam Trammell and Stephen Moyer, both blessed with their fair share of yummy junk in the trunk.

Last Sunday's episode treated us to newbie Joe Manganiello's absolutely drool-worthy physique and left us with nothing to say but damn. When it comes to werewolves, Taylor Lautner's über-abs don't even compare to newbie Alcide's six-pack.

But screw debating which fella has the finest figure, we're more interested in what all the guys have in common:

We're talking, of course, about those V-shaped muscles that crawl down a guy's abs and point us toward…well, the good stuff, if you catch our drift. It's like being at a mall and seeing a big sign that says You Are Here. Except, instead of telling us where we are, they're showing us where we should be.

That's why we've decided to whip out our Celeb Addictionary and brainstorm some nicknames for those delightful little pointers:

How about: Invitation muscles, get it?

Exact definition: (noun) the V-shaped muscles on a man's lower abdomen that trail downward, inviting you to go lower and lower and...

Well, we'd better stop there. But we think it's absolutely perfect.

If you've got another name for those wonderful lines on the hottest vampy boy toys, we're just dying to hear it. Check out the widget below and channel your lustful inner Merriam-Webster.

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