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The Los Angeles Times ran an interesting article Sunday about "club girls," you know, those gorgeous undercover reporters who for years have been using their stylish looks to get VIP access to the real dirt behind the lifestyles of the rich and famous—namely drugs, booze and lots of sex. One of the fab authors, Matt Donnelly, is a bitchin' E! Online alum, so we know he knows his stuff.

Wait, what are we saying? We knew this stuff ages ago!

The Times interviewed some of these chicks who 'fessed up to slithering past that velvet rope on a mission to bed celebs in order to later sell their story to various tabloids. You're thinking a glorified prostitute, right? Others just want to snap the winning gotcha! photo of a star on their iPhone or BlackBerry.

Well, for the record, no one here at the A.T. has done that.

Only thing is, while it's a good read, it doesn't exactly come to a surprise to us. What's more shocking is that this article didn't come out years ago. Think back to when Britney Spears was busted for changing clothes in the Winston's restroom or when shots of Lindsay Lohan in the bathroom at Teddy's made headlines. That's when these undercover reporters were at their prime. Now, stars pretty much stay away from "hot spot" clubs because owners and promoters are the ones practically setting them up, inviting reporters into their joints. And you wonder why Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart stick to off-the-beat locales.

Still, the article made us wonder: Is this really anything new and are reporters worse now than they were before?

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