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Yesterday we dished that some über-elite network execs couldn't stop fist-pumping their love for poofed princess, Snooki, and wanted to land the bronzed babe her own show stat. Well, Snookers herself caught wind of our story and loves the idea: "ooo I'm liken that article :) #snookirevolution." She even spilled who she thinks her perfect cohost would be:

We tweeted Snooks and asked her what she had planned for her network debut, even tossing her an idea we thought was très perfect: a daytime gabfest partnering the reality-TV diva with former Alaskan gov Sarah Palin.

Could you just image the verbal throwdowns between those two outspoken ladies on topics ranging from the oil spill in the Gulf to the best afterhours clubs?

But Snooki wasn't as fond of the idea:

"@theawfultruth Haha that sounds odd. I'd go more on the lines w: either @perezhilton, @KendraWilkinson or my bff @Ryder__. That's a talkshow."

So what do you think, who's Snooki's perfect cohost?

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