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Not a whole lot of kind words were said today.

Jesse James and second ex-wife Janine Lindemulder spent Monday trading barbs in an Orange County courtroom as the fight over custody of their 6-year-old daughter Sunny continued.

While Lindemulder maintains that it's James—and, at times, Sandra Bullock—who has kept her from speaking regularly with her child on the phone, the now thrice-divorced West Coast Choppers owner continues to argue that his porn-actress ex is just plain unstable.

Though James didn't go into it on the witness stand, his attorney told Family Court Commissioner Thomas Schulte during today's hearing that Lindemulder once threatened to kill his client.

James testified, meanwhile, that Lindemulder admitted to him in a phone conversation that she was on strong antidepressants and had a bad reaction when she tried to change meds.

But she counters that she's been there all along for her daughter—minus the four months she spent in a halfway house for violating probation on a tax-evasion charge—and that it's James who hasn't kept up with her court-approved visits and phone calls.

Her attorney, Richard Masson, said that James had promised his client $4,000 a month in support and offered to fly Sunny to Oregon to visit her mom during her stint in the halfway house.

James has said no such conversation ever took place.

As for Sunny's famous former step-mom:

Lindemulder is arguing that Bullock has tried to poison her own daughter against her and that James' decision to move to Austin with Sunny is "wholly unjustified."

She has filed court papers contesting James' plan, arguing that Bullock would have stayed in California if she wanted to be close to Sunny. (So which is it, cares too much or not enough?)

James has said that he hopes Bullock and Sunny continue to have a relationship, but also that his family doesn't have the paparazzi problem in Texas that they have here.

James testified today that Bullock took care of Sunny while he spent time in an Arizona rehab facility after the Michelle "Bombshell" McGee story erupted.

His daughter has her own phone now and Bullock, who's splitting her time between Austin and New Orleans, knows how to get a hold of her, he said.

A teacher from Sunny's school testified Monday that Bullock once told her, "Quite frankly, I'm glad Janine is in jail. She can go ruin someone else's life."

"Both Miss Bullock and Mr. James made derogatory comments," said Alex Bon of Carden Academy in Huntington Beach. "Sunny looked in shock."

Bon said that she was instructed not to send any of the child's artwork to Lindemulder, whom she decribed as "very loving towards Sunny," while she was in jail.

James also acknowledged that Lindemulder has had four clean drug tests recently, and that their daughter loves her mom very much.

Schulte requested that both sides start coming up with some visitation scenarios should James relocate to Texas with Sunny and ordered everyone back in court tomorrow.

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Sounds like everyone involved needs a vacation.

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