Sally Field

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When you've won two Oscars, three Emmys, two Golden Globes and a SAG Award, you deserve a little posh treatment, right?

Sally Field doesn't seem to think so.

While the rest of the cast of Brothers & Sisters travels around the set in their golf carts and other celebrity transport vehicles, you would be shocked to find out that 63-year-old Sally opts for a different mode of transportation...

The awards-heavy leading lady has a habit for getting her exercise while getting around, and chooses a cute (and we mean cute) little bicycle for tooling around the set. I'm actually impressed. Great exercise for the bum, too, right Sal?

According to wind-blown sources directly on the scene, Sally wheels along and waves to the cast and crew, stopping to say hi whether she's on the way to a shoot or just taking a breezy ride through the Burbank lot. We think this is just another reason to love the woman, who we hear is a delight to work with (mostly).

How ‘bout the rest of the cast, huh?

Golf carts and limos, all of ‘em. Gosh, you'd think maybe they'd all be a little less hoity-toity and start appreciating the beautiful California weather we've got, rather than zooming around in covered wheels. Now, kiddies, take a little tip from the two-time Oscar-winning chica (who also suffers from osteoporosis and still gets on the wheels).

And get real. At least a little.

—Additional reporting by Marc Snetiker

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