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Being in a relationship with your television means sticking by it through good times and bad. When it's good, it's great. And when it's bad, well, oh man, can it be bad. Kath & Kim, anyone?

That's why this round of E! Online's Annual Tater Tops Awards is all about the pain and pleasure that comes with committing yourself to your DVR. Breaking up with a series is hard to do, but falling in love with a new show just might make up for all the heartbreak...

When one TiVo season pass ends, another begins. That's the beauty of television. A show can dump you without warning, but there's usually a younger, hotter show to take its place. Which is why we're extra excited to see how you vote in this round of the Tater Awards. You nominated, we counted. And behold! Your nominees for Most Heartbreaking Cancellation and New Fall Show You're Most Excited About.

As always, voting and nominating is up and running until July 20, when we announce the winners. And we promise, the minions from CBS/ABC/NBC/etc. cannot come into these polls and spam the results. We made sure of that with our clever anti-spam ways. Cast a vote for those we lost and those we are anxious to welcome into our hearts. We just hope they don't break it.

Please Note: If you're reading this via mobile, we regret to inform you that voting isn't capable right now. But we would never leave you without giving you the chance. So next time you're at your computer, come back. Mmmkay?

Did we totally pass over a show you think deserves to be a nominee? That's the glory of instant information. You can send in your nomination right now to @KristinDSantos or in the comments below. We could be nice and add it in. It's been known to happen.

More you say? Duh. Tomorrow you'll have the honor of voting for Guiltiest Pleasure and Show You Cannot Believe is Still on the Air. But before we post nominees, we want every single one of you to be heard! Send in your nominations for those categories by tweeting me @KristinDSantos or by slapping them in our comments section. Tomorrow? More Polls. More competition. More Taters.


Don't miss a second of the 2010 Tater Tops!

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