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It's no wonder Morgan Mayhem has such issues. True, we said we wouldn't talk about the notoriously troubled starlet until she got her act together, but curiosity about M.M.'s ways seemed to have peaked again with you readers, so here's the latest behind-the-scenes update (even though most of her secrets are fairly public right now).

It seems that Morgan isn't the only member of her family with issues right now, as if that's a surprise. Meet Misha Mayhem, a relative to one Miss Morgan...

It's not like Mish has made his or her way through the tabloids unscathed. No, this "star" (‘though it pains us to use that term) has had a fair share of press woes.

Considering the age gap between M and M, you would think Misha would know how to behave (after all, Morg is a walking example of how not to act in Hollywood). But when does anyone in this Industry ever do the right thing?

You can find sometimes Mish sneaking in the back of the clubs behind Morgan. Because a family that parties together stays together, right?

In usual Morgan fashion, the frowned-upon festivities hardly end there. If Misha decides to skip out on the preparty (you know, to avoid those "WTF Is Wrong With This Family" headlines) M.M. and M.M. will meet up late at night at their hills bash of choice and continue to blow it out.

Of course, superstealth cars drop Misha off because the paparazzi still usually catch Morg at these late-night shindigs. However, quite surprisingly Mish escapes unseen. You know, Morgan takes one for the team and goes out the front door while Misha sneaks out through underground garages. What a sweet, sweet gesture Morgy! Good thing too, because those bloodshot eyes could be a dead giveaway as to what the fam is really doing together.

One house in particular they like to hit up is Dougy Dry-Hump's local haunt of choice too. How small this effed-up town is, no?

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