We don't need a lot of reasons to watch Charlize Theron. She's an Oscar winner, philanthropist, U.N. messenger of peace and, oh right, kind of superhot in a smart, funny, attractive way.

Also, her nickname is "Ass-Nuts." What's not to like?

So the fact that she's the heroine of "Crossfire," the new video from Killers singer Brandon Flowers, just makes us want to see it more. Directed by Nash Edgerton, known for his stunt work on The Matrix and Star Wars, the action-packed short finds Flowers the damsel (or mamsel?) in distress being saved by a bad-ass Theron, who kicks ninja ass in a variety of ways. Awesome. (The song is good, too.)

Nice work, Ass-Nuts.


Check out Charlize's killer looks in our Fashion Spotlight!

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