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Today we pay our respects to those we've lost.

And for those of us here in Tater Top-ville, our faves might be gone, but surely they will not be forgotten. So which MIA stars and shows will get ya all choked up when the new TV season arrives—and they just aren't there?! Let the fond memories begin...

We are knee-deep in E! Online's Annual Tater Top Awards, and these categories are sure to open up some wounds. But the fact that the winners get the prestigious Golden Tater from the fans might help ease your suffering, no?

We had to say goodbye to lots of sexy stars and spectacular shows (ahem, Lost, ahem) this past season, and some left because it was their time. Others left because the evil cancellation trolls show no mercy. Either way, check out the nominees below and pick the ones that will leave the biggest hole in your heart.

And don't forget (as if we'd let you), you still have plenty of time to vote in previous rounds or to nominate your favorites for the next rounds. Winners are announced July 20, and with our anti-spamming machine, those winners will be honest-to-Gob Bluth legit.

Please Note: If you're reading this on your mobile cellular hands-free Bluetooth 8G phone device, then no voting for you! At least not now. Run to your nearest computer and vote. We'll be here. Promise.

What? We forgot a show or character you'll be missing most? Then by all means, get on my Twitter and yell at me! Or leave it in the comments below. Last minute nominations are always welcome.

Focus Please! Tomorrow it's all about the sexiness and the sniffles. Not at the same time. That'd be weird. You can still get your nominees in for Steamiest Moment and Biggest Tearjerker. Send 'em in by tweeting me or writing them in our comments section. Come back to check out the nominees! Tater love to you all…


Missed a round of voting? All your Tater Tops are right here.

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