Paris Hilton

Jordan Strauss/

Sweet tweets are usually her specialty, but after Friday's "not my marijuana" debacle you'd think Paris Hilton might tone down her tame Twitter 'tude.

But the South Africa-bound heiress wins this week's award for taking lemons and making lemonade, after not only brushing off her, um, brush with the law by releasing a simple 140(+) character statement, but also continuing her travels in style—almost as if that whole pot bust fiasco never even happened...

The Misadventures of Paris Hilton continue throughout World Cup central, and how do we know such things? Because we're getting her updates via Twitter every minute or so, of course!

And if you think the star is recuperating from the embarrassing events of Friday in anything less than the lap of luxury, you've got another thing comin'.

Here's Paris taking off on a helicopter ride. And here's Paris in her fabulous seats at yesterday's soccer match. She even got to see "the cutest penguins and ostriches" at the Cape of Good Hope. Sadly, this one didn't seem to warrant its own TwitPic.

See? Paris is just fine. Now can we please stop worrying already, and get back to our normal lives?

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