Memo to Lindsay Lohan: SCRAM is the name of your court-ordered alcohol monitoring bracelet. It is not something you do at the first sign of trouble, leaving the people around you to clean up the mess.

But alas, that's exactly what the always embattled starlet did Friday night when the cops showed up at what was supposed to be her 24th birthday bash at Hollywood haunt, Beso...

After that much-talked about birthday punch in the face earlier this week, Lohan opted to celebrate in simpler form Friday night, with a quiet dinner party for about 20 of her closest friends.

Unfortunately, LiLo didn't offer the same simple evening courtesy to her back-in-action assistant Eleonore, who was detained by police upon arrival at Beso for some vehicular violations.

Oh, we forgot to mention that the Lohan gang, which included little sis Ali and British socialite Lady Victoria Hervey, was running a little late, and that Eleonore was escorting them to the event in Lindsay's SUV—which apparently has blacked out license plates and too-tinted windows. Also, the crew was in such a rush to deliver the birthday girl, Eleonore reportedly ran a stop sign somewhere along the way—all violations Lohan's assistant was actually charged with on the spot, in front of a zillion paparazzos, when cops pulled up the restaurant behind the SUV.

Lohan, being the gracious boss she is, bolted the scene and headed inside to whoop it up at her party, leaving Eleonore to deal with the police situation. Of course, after the whole debacle, E unloaded LiLo's presents from the car and joined everyone in Beso.

The gals caused an equally big stir when leaving Lohan's party, but the cops weren't invited this time. Just some over-aggressive photographers.

—Reporting by Chris Hall


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