Sarah Jessica Parker, Robert Downey Jr.

Albert Michael/; AP Photo/Matt Sayles

Dear Ted:
Sarah Jessica Parker
and Robert Downey Jr. were an item for quite some time. But she never talks about him, and vice-versa. Was the break-up an ugly one?

Dear Ex-Games:
No way, Char. While the actual break-up may have been a bit dramatic—seeing as we all know how much of a mess RDJ used to be—the twosome only has nice things to say about each other and their time together since then. But they're also both adults and have their own lives now, so they don't need to be blabbing about each other in the tabloids.

Dear Ted:
OK, Ted...I am absolutely convinced that Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev are either dating or hooking up. Do you have any scoop on this subject? I don't have any rescue puppies or kitties but I do live on the Gulf Coast and cannot spend my 4th of July or the rest of my summer at the beach because of this dang oil spill! Take Care, love you column. It helps me get through the work day...

Dear Costar Kissing:
You're not the only one convinced, and that's exactly what the duo wants you believing.

Dear Ted:
Why is it that the Nickelodeon kids behave, but the Disney kids don't? Disney has the image of their kids having to be little princes and princesses and yet their kids are always the one in trouble. Does Disney actually encourage them to be bad? I mean I would think Nickelodeon would be the ones that would be OK with the bad image.

Dear Squeaky Clean:
Haven't you heard of rebellion, doll? Disney is always trying to kid the kiddos to be little angels, which just makes Miley and Co. want to be even wilder. But hell, it's working for them and their fame game. When's the last time you saw a Nickelodeon kid on the cover of a magazine?

Dear Ted:
Dontcha think that Peter Facinelli will divorce Jennie Garth in a matter of months or a year down the line tops? His career is hot right now and he still looks damn good. Jennie, poor thing, is an aging TV star who is pretty much a has-been. I bet Pete will trade her for a 20-something year old hottie soon.

Dear Shallow Sally:
Peter is way in love with his wifey and is a super-dad to his munchkins. Just because he's got some Twi­-fame doesn't mean he'll be kicking his home life to the curb, no matter how sexy he may be.

Dear Ted:
If (note the use of if) you are to believe The Sun it sound like they are calling Nick Jonas quite the little heartbreaker. Any truth to this?

Dear Bro-lieve That:
Of course little NJ is a heartbreaker! He's a teenage stud who could have any gal he wants, that's not exactly the biggest scoop.

Dear Ted:
How about some info on Milo Ventimiglia. I rarely hear anything of this guy since he and Hayden P. split.

Dear Where Are They Now:
Not much to say on Milo, babe. The dude's love life hasn't had Hayden-level excitement of late and his career is not exactly amazing post-Heroes. What a hit to his (one-time big) ego.

Dear Ted:
I'm hearing loads of talk about how Kristen Stewart's new movie On The Road will be the true test to the Robsten relationship because she will be having sex scenes with a hot guy. What do you think about all this? Could Robert Pattinson become the new Michael Angarano is this story?

Dear Kharma:
I wouldn't worry, Abs. Rob is so not the jealous type, especially when it comes to on-screen love scenes. Remember, R.Pattz is all about his career, too, and knows that acting is acting, which will occasionally include smooching other sexy celebs.

Dear Ted:
How would you describe Moisty Mohr's lifestyle?
—It's Me Again

Dear Smart Move:
Fabulous, you know, when he's not packing skanks into a dressing room.

Dear Ted:
I have to wonder. How is Jackie Bouffant able to keep certain feelings of his under-wraps, if he has a beard? Or is he following in Crescent Kumquat's footsteps?

Dear Up For The Challenge:
Jackie is an actor, after all. And a good one! But who says he's keeping anything under wraps? His beard knows the game and is plenty willing to play it to get her smiling mug plastered on magazine covers.

Dear Ted:
I was watching the CMT awards a few weeks back and it got me thinking about BVs. Are there many country music stars that star in their own Blind Vice? Any dirt on Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert's relationship in particular? Love you!

Dear Cowboy Caught:
No dirty dish on that partic duo, but, trust, Lisa, country stars are some of the naughtiest celebs I've heard about. To be more specific, yes, there have been one or two skanky cowboy to make their way to Vice infamy.

Dear Ted:
You constantly post about "faux-mances", which makes me wonder...which celebrity coupling was the fakest, weirdest and overall worst "try-to-pull the wool over the public's eyes" that you have ever witnessed? (And it's OK if you name more than one.) Thanks.

Dear C'mon:
You and I both know the answer to that, Ann.

Dear Ted:
At Cannes 2009, there were reports that Rob met Brad Pitt. It was early on in Twilight and I think the first time the media was in a frenzy about him. Do you think Rob and Brad could have had a conversation about successful celebrity relationships? Maybe some advise about love, or at least temptation and privacy? Robsten seems to be the new Branglina, in actions if not words. Whatever it is, it seems to be working for both couples.

Dear Chatty Kathy:
Doubt the two sat down for a heart-to-heart, so (luckily) Rob won't be able to follow the Brad Pitt route-of-romance. I'm sure it was just a quick hello and welcome to H'wood in passing.

Dear Ted:
Who is Nick Jonas better off with? Miley or Selena?

Dear Duh:
Miley! So much more fun than Selena Snoozefest.

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