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Three down, two to go...

The poor chickadees on So You Think You Can Dance this season just can't get no love, as was demonstrated again Thursday night when America sent another gal packin'. So what gives, US of A? Head judge Nigel Lythgoe and equally fab critiquer Adam Shankman are weighing in, and their take on the sitch might surprise you...

Melinda Sullivan, the 22-year-old tap dancer that could, had the unfortunate pleasure of heading home last night. And while it wasn't totally unexpected or without merit, it's safe to say the females of SYTYCD's seventh season are rapidly dwindling away, while the boys (with the exception of poor fan fave Billy Bell) keep skating through week to week.


Mathieu Young/FOX

Is the Land of the Free somehow plotting against the lovely ladies of SYTYCD? Are they being outshined by their "all-star" partners (a very real possibility, if you ask us)?!

Uh-uh, no way, not true, guess again, says Nigel. "They're being absolutely honest," he tells us of the votes being cast. "I truly don't think [America dislikes the girls]. I tweeted this, too. You've got to take into account charisma."

Adds an insightful Adam: "I don't think America hates women. Melinda is very strong and very beautiful. She taps to ballads. I don't think little girls and moms are picking up the phone for her. [And] I don't think it's America: It's the women hating on the women." Dayum! Harsh words, ladies.

"I hope they stay," Adam says of the gals and future elimination nights. Now listen up, because he's doling out advice on how to make that happen: "Ashley needs to do more of the same, which is what she's found: her vulnerability. Lauren needs to do the same thing. They have to live in the music and the performance."

Nigel's advice to the girls is also pretty simple—tasks we're sure the remaining two are more than up to. "Lauren, I'd like to see a little more seductive. [She's] got to start playing the part of the woman. And that's what it's all about."

Too bad it doesn't really matter to Mr. @dizzyfeet—he's calling it now: The men are hands down the superior SYTYCD breed: "The strong boys are far stronger than the strong girls," Nigel tells us. "Some of the weaker boys are far stronger in personality than any of the girls. When you have Jose smiling like that...they're gonna steal hearts," again adding: "You can never forget charisma is much more important than talent."

[Editor's note: See season six's Nathan as an example of the above.]

So did the right dancer go home, or are we on to something here—America is totally dissing Girl Power (hello, if the Spice Girls preached it, it has to be good!)?! Yeah, we don't think so either. Maybe the men really are stronger. Fill us in on what you're thinking below.

—Reporting by Jenna Mullins

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