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Like it or not, Jeremy London's gonna have to put up with his family publicly speculating whether he's relapsed.

A Los Angeles Judge quickly tossed a request for a restraining order the former Party of Five star filed against his mother, Debbie Nielsen, twin brother Jason and Jason's girlfriend, Sofia Karstens, to bar them from talking to the media about his personal life.

Chalk it up to freedom of speech.

"What you want to do is repeal the First Amendment," Superior Court Judge Irving Shimer said Thursday to London's attorney, Catherine Lombardo, in denying the petition.

The legal eagle tried to argue before the court that the actor's relatives had to be stopped from spreading lies that were "harmful" to her client. Lombardo even alleged London's mom and sibling went so far as to reveal to gossip blogger Perez Hilton the actor's hiding place and that he was acting erratically and threatening to kill himself.

However, Shiner wasn't buying it, saying "defendants have protection of the First Amendment" before he dismissed the case.

The 7th Heaven thesp sought the gag order after Jason and Nielsen told E! News a few weeks ago that they were worried for his mental and physical health after his harrowing kidnapping ordeal, suggesting he may have fallen off the wagon after successfully kicking an addiction to prescription meds seven months ago.

After Jeremy's cease-and-desist letter to the family was ignored, he decided to take legal action.

The only suspect so far charged in the abduction, 26-year-old Brandon Adams, has told the press that London actually approached him looking for drugs and the two "went joyriding and partied for hours"—far from the tube star's nightmare account of being held hostage at gunpoint and forced to smoke dope.

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Jeremy claims he was forced to toke, but there's plenty of celebs out there who would volunteer for that sort of thing. Just see our Hollywood Goes Up in Smoke gallery.

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