Update, 2:00 p.m.: Jake's rep tells us: "Jake is not doing Playgirl—never considered it, never will." Guess that pantsless DWTS dance is all we're gettin'.


Will Jakey go all nakey?

Maybe so, maybe not, but Playgirl magazine wants you to know that they have offered The Bachelor and Dancing With the Stars "star" Jake Pavelka a spot. "We have reached out to his management," a spokesman tells us.

First, though, you're gonna see Jake fully clothed this very Monday on ABC in a firecracker of an interview with his ex Vienna Girardi that is surprising because...

Vienna storms off crying!

Was anyone else thinking Jake would be the softie? And no, that is not a nod to Vienna's assertions in Star magazine. (Insert 14-year-old boy laugh here.)

Check out the video clip above for a sneak peek of the drama.

In their first interview together since the split, Jake and Vienna sit down with host with the most Chris Harrison, and not only does Vienna call Jake a "fame whore" and a "liar," she also tries to defend her choice of calling up Star magazine before Jake to break up with him.

"Either way our relationship has been public," Vienna says. "No matter how we broke up, this was gonna have to happen...I know Jake and as soon as we broke up he was going to run to a media outlet and tell his side of the story. I wanted to make sure I had a voice also. I haven't had a voice this entire time. I've let everybody say what they wanted to say about me and their thoughts about me. I wasn't going to let it happen again. I want people to know that I did try in this relationship and I stayed with him be cause I thought it would be different. And I loved him and I wanted it to be different."

Tune in this Monday to The Bachelorette for more he said/she said, where you'll also see Ali contemplating which four guys she'll take home to meet her parents—straight from Lisbon, Portugal.

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