Justin Bieber


Hey, Answer B!tch, I just saw a 22-year-old at Trader Joe's wearing the Justin Bieber haircut. Is that a do or don't?
—Freaq, via A.B. inbox

Mesmerizing as that haircut is, it's just not meant for folks who have already taken their PSATs, much earned BA degrees. Listen:

"The shape is universally ageless, but to make the look more mature it should be cut a little longer with diminished layers," says Fabrice Gili, national creative director for the Frederic Fekkai hair empire.

Ditto, says John Francis of the McMillan and Canale salon. In fact, he suspects, Bieber himself is about old enough to have outgrown that haircut.

"I think he'll be changing his own haircut soon," he tells me. "I think he's pretty much going towards the cut-off age. It's just a grown-out version of the bowl cut we got when we were kids."

Speaking of kids, the B!tchlings and I have much more to say on this topic—and all your other burning Hollywood questions, right here on this new podcast.


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