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We may have our first black president, but Team Awful is ready to keep the progress going and hand the White House to somebody we've been suggesting all along: a strong-minded, powerful female.

We thought the BET Awards, held Sunday at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, would be the perfect place to ask: After Obama, could a female commander-in-chief be next, and if so—who?

Spoiler alert: You're going to love (or despise) Vivica A. Fox's answer:

But, first let's see what other celebs thought.

"I think we definitely could, we already broke down one barrier," dished the young multi-talent Keke Palmer, a sentiment shared by many of her fellow attendees.

So who would this brassy young babe pick to fill the first roll of Mrs. President?

"I really did like Mrs. Clinton. I really did like her, I thought she would be a good candidate," Palmer added.

Other popular noms were first lady Michelle Obama, picked by R&B chicks Ashanti and Casey, while Niecy Nash and T.I. picked a gal who's basically already controlling the country:

"We've been waiting on Oprah for a long time and now that her show's going away, hey—why not?" Niecy laughed.

"It's not good enough just to have a female. You gotta have the right one," soulful John Legend clarified when we pitched our first female prez.

And his only suggestion?

"Not Sarah Palin, please!"

Uh, duh.

But why so shy, Johnny? While we're on the subject of Ms. P, let's hear from someone who really wasn't bashful about bashing the former VP candidate: Vivica A. Fox, of course.

"Oh yes! Absolutely, you know, it's equal opportunity now! You know what I mean?" Vivica said tres enthusiastically, when we popped the Presidential Q. "If we had a brother up there..."

And who's got her vote?

"Well, of course, Hillary Clinton! Definitely not the other chick that's from Alaska. The dingbat? No!" Vivica yelped without hesitation, then just for emphasis: "No, no, no, no, no."

"She can't have it. She won't even admit to getting a boob job!"

Hey, we're totally Team Hillary, but we wouldn't be opposed to seeing Vivica on the ticket as her VP.

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