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We know you can't judge a book by its cover, but we think you can totally judge a hot guy by some buff arms.

Here is Eclipse star Ashley Greene running errands over the weekend, and we're glad to see the vampire gal has her priorities straight, first planting a big smooch on this mysterious man in Hollywood.

So who is said hunk? And which other Twilight babe also landed herself a man on Saturday?

First up, while we have yet to figure out Ashley's lip-locking partner's identity (a rep for Greene says she won't comment on her personal life), a source close to the actress tells us the two are not boyfriend-girlfriend status quite yet.

As any 23-year-old woman should be doing, we hear Ashley has been enjoying the, um, perks that have come with her recent fame over the past couple of years (if you don't believe us, just watch her hilar kiss and tell interview on Chelsea Handler).

When we were chatting with AG at the Eclipse premiere last week, we asked her to throw us one of those "respectful" guys she was describing that she believes still exist.

Her response?

"Um, hello," pointing at herself.

Hmm, so maybe the babe is still on the market, but can we say the same for Nikki Reed?

Reed was spotted on Saturday at iFLY in Universal Studios and it turns out the vertical wind tunnel knocked the wind out of Reed in more ways than one.

"Nikki came in and totally hit it off with her instructor," says a source who witnessed their flirt session. "She had an awesome time, laughing with a huge smile on her face."

Reed, wearing a blue skydiving suit, a helmet, and goggles, was smiling from ear to ear as she tried the daredevil sport with her cute helper holding her up in the air. Jeez, this girl gets a dude wearing an outfit like that? So not fair.

Our source says after the encounter Reed and the instructor exchanged phone numbers, and have made plans to hang out again in right now.

We're told Nikki and her iFLY guy are currently "camping somewhere in the wilderness" today for their first date.

You go girls!

Nikki Reed


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