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If you caught my live-stream conversation with E! hottie (and friggin' red carpet magician) Ben Lyons, we talked about which Twilight star would reach Oscar glory first. Would it be the serious dramatics of Kristen Stewart, or the haunting intrigue always displayed by Rob Pattinson?

Or will it be someone else...?

You see, the two have both been doing double-duty in Twilight and other more serious movies on the side. Kristen tackled some solemn stuff in The Runaways and Welcome to the Rileys, and has what director James Woods calls "a slam-dunk Oscar" for An American Girl.

Meanwhile, Rob's facing a tougher time breaking out of that Edward Cullen mold, you gotta admit. His flicks are fine, but aren't quite Oscar material...yet?

So, who'll be the first Twilight-er to win an Oscar?

Well, we happened to ask just that question to the only cast member who's been nominated for an Academy Award so far—the spunky, sexy Anna Kendrick (who received a Best Supporting Actress nomination this year for Up in the Air). So, Anna, who outta the whole Twi-gang's gonna grab the next Oscar nom?

"You want to know who's right on my heels?" perky Anna responded. "Dakota Fanning. She's right there."

Interesting response. Then, Anna piped up another name, and, surely, we thought, here comes the words "Kristen...." But, it was not to be:

"I also think [Volturi leader] Michael Sheen is really talented and should have been nominated before. Frost/Nixon. So good."

Agreed, for sure! But, gotta admit, I think Kristen Stewart's done just as worthy work, to date, particularly with The Runaways. But, to each her own, right?

And, of course, Dakota's been a potential Oscar-ite for the last nine years—even since she hit so sensationally in I Am Sam. But could Kendrick be wrong on this one, especially since Dakota's lightened her work load recently in order to focus on school (she's only signed on for one other movie after Eclipse)?

Personally? My money's on Kristen—or Anna herself for a second Academy-Award go.

Do you think I'm wrong? Of course, you do!

So, who is going to be the second Twi cast-member to get the big Oscar nod?

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