We believe it was a caveman named Grog who, upon gazing at the bloated belly of his pregnant wife Slurg first uttered the phrase, "Durrf goarg harg duk bargggg." Which, of course, translates to, "Honey, I know pregnancy makes you feel gross, but you've never looked more beautiful. Really."

Well, women didn't buy it then, and they don't buy it now. They know pregnancy puts their body through hell, and on last night's Bethenny Getting Married?, Bethenny Frankel found out the details of that hell. 

Actually that wasn't a euphemism. See, during pregnancy women's breasts enlarge and often hang into the pan when they're cooking pancakes. In Bethenny's case, they were chocolate.

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 Relax, Bethenny, there are plenty of others in your boat. Ever seen our Baby Bumpin' gallery?

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