The anti-Sue Sylvester is back in the hizouse!

Jane Lynch makes her triumphant return to Party Down tonight (aka the funniest show you're not watching for some strange reason) for what might actually be the most wackadoodle wedding in TV history. But according to the P.D. gang, and the Lynch lady herself, we are in for a Soup'R treat...

"Jane's coming back!" the hotness that is Ryan Hansen (Kyle) gushed when we poked and prodded him about tonight's Party Down finale. "That's my twin! I love her so much."

Samesies for us—and that "twins" remark isn't very far off, considering the intimate performance Kyle's doofy band Karma Rocket gives Jane's character, Constance, at her wedding.

Basically, failed actress Constance hires her old Party Down crew to cater her wedding to an old geezer of a producer. And everyone is crazy happy to see her—including Megan Mullally's Lydia, who approaches her predecessor and, with a wink to the audience, pronounces: "I'm like your replacement!" Of course, a Sue Sylvester-channeling Constance responds: "I don't know that I can be replaced." Ah-mazing!

Jane Lynch, Party Down

Colleen Hayes/Starz

For Jane, leaving Party Down to find major superstardom on Glee makes her Starz reunion all the more fitting. "What's great about the show is that you bring in another actor, 'cause that's what happens," she tells us. "We wanted to keep it open where if one of us made it, one of the characters in the catering team could make it." Talk about art imitating life.

But fan fave—and finale director!—Ken Marino misses his former costar too much to relish in the irony. "It's hard for me to watch her on Glee," admits Ken with a laugh. "I love her and I think Glee is very good, but it's heartbreaking because we lost her."

We miss her too, K-Dawg, but you've gotta admit the world's just a little bit brighter now that's Sue's a part of it.

Take a peek below at Kyle's wedding gift/concert for his twin Constance, then sound off in the comments about how much you all love Jane. Take your time, we've got all night. And feel free to watch this little ditty a second time—trust us, you'll want to.

Tune into Starz tonight for the Party Down finale at 10 p.m.

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