First it was Robert Pattinson kissing and telling, now it's Kristen Stewart's turn.

When the all-important question about making out on the Eclipse set is directed at the actress by our very own Ben Lyons, Kristen admits it was really not that big a deal.

"It's totally like any other scene. It's all about getting the scene right, and, like, they're your friends, so it's not weird," Kristen says matter-of-factly about kissing her costars, before adding what, at first, sounds like a diss on Taylor Lautner's smooching skills…

"The one that was weird was kissing Taylor on top of the mountain," says Kristen, referring to a pivotal moment in the movie. "After every single take, I would be like, 'We just kissed. That's so weird.'"

Sure enough, when Ben brings up Kristen's remark to Taylor, he replies: "Ooh, I don't know if that's a good thing."

It's soon made clear, however, that she was simply referring to the fact that it was weird for Bella to be kissing Jacob in that way.

Upon hearing that, Taylor, understandably, breathes a sigh of relief.

Something which, all members of Team Jacob, no doubt, just did as well.

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