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Girls can be such drama queens, right? What with the Gossip Girls and the Grey's Anatomys of this TV world, why not let the boys come and play for a little bit? Especially when you have super adorable Jordana Spiro running the circus of testosterone that is My Boys—and it could be the show's last hurrah.

If you're sick of all the chick drama,  Jordana tells us she has just the thing for you…

"Us ladies can sometimes get caught up in the drama of it all a little bit too much and it's nice to put things in perspective with a glass of beer and a baseball game," she says when asked why guy friends are important. Preach, sister. Beer, baseball, and poker nights fill the episodes of My Boys, returning to TBS this summer, but it also appears Jordana's boys, and her character PJ, might be growing up.

"PJ has to deal with moving on to the next level with her relationship. She and Bobby start living together," she spills. Cohabitation (in sin!) means dealing with what happens when you become too set in your ways with your guy: electronics or lace? "When you start getting a little too comfortable with your significant other, the new video game becomes more exciting than the new piece of lingerie," Jordana laughs. But instead of letting storylines fall to the central couple, My Boys will be wrapping episodes around the awesome supporting cast, who can never get enough screen time.

My Boys, Kyle Howard, Jordana Spiro

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Stephanie (Kellee Stewart) and Kenny (Michael Bunin), the couple that no one saw coming, will be "going full force" according to Jordana when the show returns. But that doesn't exactly mean a happy ending. "She does get seduced by Hollywood. Her story line actually ends up having quite a bit to do with her career," Jordana tells us. Well, who wouldn't be seduced by Hollywood? We have all these hot vampire people!

It looks like PJ's group will be feeling the pains of becoming adults. "The boys definitely are struggling to grow up," Jordana says. "And Jamie Kaler's character makes a big change into relationship world with the addition of the very funny Rachael Harris." It's pretty common knowledge that casting her always leads to some golden comedy. "She's one of those people that has that touch where everything she does is funny," she says of Rachel. "It's just something about her delivery and her timing. She came in and fit like a glove."

Jordana promises that this season of My Boys will be "really fun and exciting," hopefully in an effort to go out with a bang. Both Jordana and her onscreen boyfriend Kyle Howard have other shows debuting in the fall, which might mean an end for My Boys. Thankfully, it returns with back to back episodes on July 25, so there's plenty of beer and baseball to go around!

Will you tune in for a much needed break from the chick drama? Are you hoping My Boys sticks around? Take it to the comments section, gang.

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