Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Jimmy Kimmel Live's Twilight Saga: Total Eclipse of the Heart

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Happy Eclipse premiere day! Par-tick to those who have been camping out in downtown L.A. since Monday morning! How did you decorate your tents? More importantly, what did you do in those tents?

As we may have mentioned already, Team Awful is all over the premiere tonight, starting with the red carpet, where Ted will be helping to host the live stream on E! Online right from the center of the action (sponsored by Kin, tune right here at 5 p.m. PST!)!  And Taryn Ryder's totally going to be ruling on the red carpet, too!

We'll be running a Twi trivia game before the premiere and all sorts of vamptastic other stuff. But most importantly, we want to know from you all what juice you want us to ask the Twilight cast. Lord knows half of you bitch enough that you could do a better job, so here's your chance, babes!

Twitter us your questions for Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner or any glorified extra, and we will pick out the most fab ones and do our best to get ‘em answered for ya.

So far we've been reading that a lot of you want to know more about Kristen's cat "Jella" and her relaysh to one Rob Pattinson. Interesting. And you guys also seem curious to know more about K.Stew's cooking abilities...rumor has it she's bakes a mean pie.

Hey, whatever makes you dudes happy. Here are some of the queries we've been getting just to get you're Twilight creative juices pumpin':

laurieO76 @theawfultruth: Ask Rob to speak in Polish for you and if he is going to speak English w/Polish accent for #WFE

URAllRightKid @theawfultruth: Can someone please FINALLY ask Kristen & Rob ab the pic of them 2gether on her iPod 4rm her ElleUk intv, & her Budapest visit

statcatATL @theawfultruth: Ted I really want to know if Jella (cat) sleeps on Kristen's bed. Maybe even ask Rob about "his co-star's" cat.

helenvalo @theawfultruth: Ask them what they found special in twilight when they decided to audition for the role!

KstewAngel @theawfultruth: Ask Alex Meraz what kind of pie Kristen baked for him. Fave Bella/Edward scene on Eclipse for Kristen&Rob

rkfan4eva @theawfultruth: Can u ask kristen how she feels always having to be around the guys so much & if it's too much testerone? lol

Can you top that?

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