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Well, new grandmas do have a lot on their mind.

"Also..breaking news...ChaCha &JJ's newest puppy now has a (Drum roll pls) name!.... Jackie Lambchops(said like Tony Soprano)," Mariah Carey tweeted over the weekend.

But the obviously occupied Carey, who along with hubby Nick Cannon made a big deal about their pregnant Jack Russell terrier, has now been sued by her friendly neighborhood vet for supposedly letting $25,000 for the care of their three dogs go unpaid.

This very well may be just an oversight on Carey's—or the doc's—part, but at this time, veterinarian Cindy Bressler isn't taking any chances.

According to the suit filed in a Manhattan state court, Bressler provided "extraordinary services" for new mom Cha-Cha, JJ and another Jack Russell named Dolomite to the tune of $37,800, but Carey has only paid $8,200 so far.

But those puppies are awfully cute.

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