M.I.A., MIA, Lady Gaga

Michael Tran/FilmMagic, Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage

If Lady Gaga isn't stumbling, literally, she's landing in more than a few predicaments these days. Her clashes with Katy Perry and Jerry Seinfeld are all pretty nasty developments for the über-popular pop star.

And one of the spicier feuds the feisty Lady is having is with none other than controversial singer-rapper MIA The "Paper Planes" singer took the first shot when she spoke out against Gaga, saying she was "not progressive" and "a good mimic." So now that Gaga's announced her new album will be all about gays in the military, is that progressive enough?

We asked M.I.A., who wore orange lipstick and double denim to Tuesday's Nylon party, and she gave an interesting answer...

"No comment."

Now, there are all sorts of things to read into this, but M.I.A. definitely had to know she'd be asked about it when she attended the bash at Skybar in L.A. Why so hush-hush? She isn't one to shy away from controversial comments. Is she backing off?

Either that or she's changing her tune...Still, before we mentioned the Lady's name, M.I.A. was clearly about pushing her renegade campaign:

"You've got to be relevant to what's going on today, and not all thought-out like that, you know? As long you keep it reflective and honest about what's really going on. It's cool."

So is M.I.A. not digging Gaga's new album, or deep down, is she? Since, you know, an album devoted to don't-ask, don't-tell is pretty damn reflective, isn't it?

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At least Lady Gaga's outfits are progressive.

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