If there's one person who knows how to make the most out of a guest appearance, it's Sandra Bullock.

If there's one person who knows how to make the most out of an acoustic guitar solo, well, it's Sandy again, albeit admittedly not due to any discernable musical talent.

Bursting with mock-confidence and bringing the funny, Bullock made a surprise visit to the Faith Hill and Tim McGraw-organized Nashville Rising benefit last night, taking the stage to do her part to raise money for the flood victims.

"I realized I had to contribute a lot more than just trying to be funny," she told the sell-out crowd of 15,000. "So what I'm gonna do tonight…is contribute some music, and I'm gonna bring the house down. And I'm gonna do it Nashville style, ready?"

She then slung a guitar over her shoulder and got ready to regale the crowd.

"Can I get some quiet please? 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10," she counted herself off before slowly strumming the first few lines of the ever recognizable "Smoke On the Water."

"OK, who am I kidding?" she said, abandoning the tune after a few seconds. "I can't play for crap."

The standing ovation would suggest otherwise. The benefit, which featured Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Miley Cyrus, Toby Keith, Reese Witherspoon, LeAnn Rimes, Martina McBride, Toby Keith, Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert and others, raised more than $2 million.

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