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After six years of bromancing their way through Hollywood, you'd think we'd be sick of those Entourage guys...Luckily, that's definitely not the case! And based on what Adrian Grenier, Jeremy Piven, Kevin Connolly and the rest of the cast tells us, we're in for a seriously juicy seventh season, starting with Vinnie Chase, who's now a motorcycle-ridin' bad boy...

Vince: "Vince has always been a very even-keeled guy, but that doesn't mean there's not a lot going on underneath," Adrian teases when asked about his movie star alter ego. By "a lot", A is referring to Vinnie's new cray-zay side. "It's been a great season for me as an actor because Vince is getting into trouble. He needs help. Like there's an emotional side to Vince that comes out with a fury."

Sounds like show runner Doug Ellin is taking a page out of the real-life Hollywood book with the whole rehabby scenario.

Don't worry, boys. If you idolize Vince for his obvious gift with the ladies, he's still got it. "The boys, of course, just like to watch the girls," he laughs. "Mature girls, immature girls, MILF's—doesn't matter."

See, it's just Entourage as usual.

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Eric...and Sloan: OK, not to be the bearer of bad news, but E and his longtime ladylove Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui) are not getting hitched this season. We know it's hard to deal with, but it'll be alright. Promise.

"You will not see a wedding," Kevin tells us, "but the engagement is going very well." Adds Emmanuelle (one of our favorite gals in the Biz): "[This season] is really just embracing the fact that we're together and that the drama is over. Just being OK with being domesticated a little bit—in a good way, because we've never seen that with them. It's very sweet."

For the record, the other guys are not down with all the domesticity. "I'm taking a lot of heat, and I'm sort of being separated from the group," says Kevin. "But business is good for E."

Ari...and Mrs. Ari: Sadly, love is not in the air for Mr. Gold and the wifey. "There's a little bit of trouble at home," Jeremy tells us. "[Ari] loves his family more than anything in the world, but he's in jeopardy of losing them."

Adds Perrey Reeves: "There's so much more conflict. It's a little bittersweet, being you always love them as a couple."

We predict they'll make it through. With all the sexy lingerie Mrs. Ari rocks, the superagent ain't goin' nowhere.

Johnny Drama: It's all work, all the time for this guy. "Drama had a holding deal at the end of last season," Kevin Dillon explains, "and now he's trying to get a job before that holding deal expires."

There's some lady action, too. Says Kevin: "Vince has got a girl. Drama gets a little thing going on. Turtle's got a girl even. So things are changing, mixing up a little bit this year."

Turtle: Jerry Ferrara is hooking up with a Hero! Dania Ramirez is headed to Entourage to romance Turtle this year, and Jerry couldn't be happier with his character's path. "The growth of the character is definitely more than any other season, and he's trying to stand on his own a little bit more," he tells us.

"This year for Turtle is all about business," Jerry adds. "He starts his own business, a limo company with beautiful woman driving the cars." Yep, he's a baller.

Entourage is back this Sunday on HBO, so get ready for it, and don't forget to fill us in on your thoughts in the comments section.

—Additional reporting by Tierney Bricker

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