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There have been rumors for a while that Robert Pattinson and David Slade didn't exactly get along while filming Eclipse. Cite creative differences or what have you, but it was said that the Twilight star and third director didn't totally mesh.

Recent interviews with Rob and David don't do much to dispute that they may have had different approaches to Edward, but if you ask us, whatever Slade drew out of Rob was his best vampy work yet:

Know we can't give you any reviews about Eclipse, but we'll just say this: In our opinion it was a) the hottest Rob has looked in one of the films yet and b) definitely the best of the three so far.

However, you can sorta tell when Slade spoke recently at the Eclipse junket in Beverly Hills he was ready to—respectively—make a different movie, something Rob said later on was a bit challenging.

"I tried not to focus too much on the other two films, I tried to just keep this one in my mind, and people like Wyck [Godfrey, the producer]...would be there to give me a nudge if I was doing something that was going to invalidate something or cross a line. Which hardly ever happened, really," David told reporters.

"You know, I think the only thing really that was expressed to me was continuity. Different films are expected of different directors per film, different visions for the film, so...I was given freedom, only just to respect what had come before. There were no mandates."

When Rob was asked what it was like working with David, he didn't hide that it definitely was more challenging than directors past (not on a personal level, though):

"When Chris Weitz came in for New Moon he basically came in with the opinion that he liked the first one, he liked what the actors were doing so just follow along that road. Then when David came he was like I want to do everything completely different, not like the first two, so we talked about the character development and consistency from the two and he was like it doesn't matter, let's just do something completely different—which is good because then it's challenging."

Added R.Pattz:

"It's easy to get stagnate if you play the same character and luckily I've kind of felt, I dunno I guess in New Moon I felt like I was going a little bit deeper and then with Eclipse I felt like I was doing a completely different movie, a completely different character. So yeah it was nice and challenging."

We knew we were digging R.Pattz's new approach during press this time around. He's giving us a realistic feel about what it was like to make the movie, dontchya think?

David told MakingOf that that Rob still made Edward his own, too: 

"I try not to cut off inspiration, always allow there to be a little inspiration, but 85 percent preparation...particularly with Rob who is very charismatic and will improvise, and sometimes improvisations are wonderful."


Be sure to tune into ABC tonight when Twilight and Jersey Shore take over Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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