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Call it sexism or star power or whatever you want, but nowadays, the differences in punishment for stars' behavior is just absurd!

Chace Crawford is getting tons of flack for his teensy-weensy run-in with marijuana, including an arrest and the possibility of jail time and fines. But what about our other resident troublemaker, Lindsay Lohan?

The difference between Chacie and Lindsanity is not so much in the he-did, she-did, but rather in the punishments and the he-had-to, she-had-to. Ya see, Chace got arrested in Texas, but Lindsay kept to California's arguably more laid-back legal system, and the difference between the two is monstrous.

Sure, Lindsay's had her mug shot taken and was forced to do community service and complete an alcohol education program here and there, but her punishments were the culmination of years of partying in Hollywood's boisterous club scene. All Chace did was smoke a little herb!

Poor Chace is being made out to be some kind of pothead pariah, and we just don't think it's fair that this little one-time instance is sending him over the line that Lindsay managed to tiptoe for years. But then again, that's the Texas legal system for ya. Celebrity don't matter in the land of the Lone Star, bub.

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