Chris Klein, Golden Retriever, Dog, Pie

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Think you're having a lousy day? You could be this man and his beleaguered best friend.

Chris Klein: Katie Holmes' one-time fiancé was arrested for his second DUI in six years. According to highway patrol, his blood-alcohol level was almost three times over the legal limit, and, if that's not enough, he had his dog riding with him.

Chris Klein's Dog: We mean, really. It's not like the canine (not actually pictured) chose to be Klein's boozy joyride partner. What's the poor pooch supposed to do? Say, "Hey, Buddy, you're looking a little wasted, why don't you give me the keys? Oh, that's right, I can't drive. How 'bout we just pass on the In-N-Out run and order pizza instead, OK?"

So crack open an O'Doul's, put on The Dog Whisperer, and vote in our pity party poll:

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Schadenfreude Poll! June 17, 2010
I am quite happy I'm not:

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