Adam Lambert, Twitter


Is Christina Aguilera copying Lady Gaga? Is Gaga copying Xtina? Or are they all just copying Madonna? Who knows anymore, but here's a better question: Why is it always the gals who get called out for mimicking each other's signature styles?

Is it just us, or is Adam Lambert looking more and more like a certain other glam rock star?

The flashy and often outlandish Brit star Boy George, of course.

Adam's most recent TwitPic shows the dude with his head partially shaved, heavy glitter makeup and, most strikingly, a stylish top hat—all straight from the Boy George Book of Glam.

Trust, we're not hating—we never really saw why stars were dissed for being über-inspired by those who came before them, especially since Adam has tweeted his love for the George—we just wonder if you think Adam's glammy throwback look is totally doable...or just a plain fashion don't.

Though his style may scream Boy George, we still have to give Adam props for going against the flow today. Sure, Lady G has a similar electro-glam fashion sense, but she's a chick. Adam is the only fellow, really, who's willing to be bold in such a Boy-like manner these days.

We love seeing people mix the pot and, breaking out of American Idol, Adam has made it crystal clear that he intends to do just that.

Kind of fabulous, right?

Let's just hope Adam doesn't have the same love for breaking the law that Boy does.

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