Curtis Stone, Lindsay Price

Jim Spellman/

The heat is on to deliver in the kitchen when you're dating a celebrity chef. Just ask Lindsay Price!

She's been dating Curtis Stone, who was on Celebrity Apprentice, since March but only agreed to cook for him after losing a bet.

"We played a game of air hockey and I lost a bet," she explained at Reebok's Celebrity House of Fitness yesterday. "So I had to make him dinner. Instead of making something easy, I wanted to really wow him. So I made coq au was the stupidest thing in the world to come up with that idea!"

So did it pass the Aussie chef's taste test?

Apparently so. "I think I nailed it!" she said.

But normally, it's Curtis who cooks for her.

"He's one of those chefs who loves to cook," she told me. "He has his test kitchen in his home so his sous chefs are always cooking, too. So we're never without something great going on!"

Of course, all that gourmet eating means logging some extra gym time, too.

"You just know that if today I eat truffle mac and cheese, I gotta work it tomorrow!" she said of her fitness routine.

The two met through a mutual friend, and although they've only been dating a few months, it sounds serious. He's already taken her to his homeland of Australia. Lucky Lindsay!


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