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While Zac Efron is on vacay with his little bro in Hawaii for the Maui Film Festival, girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens was busy having a GNO (a girls' night out, for those of you not up on your slang).

V.Hud got her dance on at the Activision E3 preview event at Staples Center, where Eminem and Rihanna performed. But don't think Ms. Hudgens was a wallflower while "her Zac" was out of town.

Oh no, Vanessa was totally grinding with...

Abbie Cornish! The woman who supposedly came between Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon (only to later fizzle out with Phillippe herself) arrived at Staples solo, but she met up with Vanessa and Brittany Snow inside the show.

"Vanessa and Abbie were dancing and holding hands during the concert, having a great time," onlookers tell us. How fun! While Cornish was living it up, being carefree, Ryan, whom she didn't exactly split from amicably, was seen buying groceries in Los Feliz. Love when he's in daddy mode, so hot.

Mere feet away from these new besties gone wild were two gals who have shared something altogether different...

Nikki Reed and Paris Hilton, who were "both acting very mellow," so we're told, but not exactly acting mellow together.

You'd think with that dubious Paris Latsis out of both women's love lives, Nikki and Pare could bond a little, but instead, the honeys kept their distance and hung happily with their respective crews. Even more low-key across town, but just one degree away, was Nikki's New Moon costar...

 Rachelle Lefevre dining, or rather grazing, at Joans on Third.

The healthy gal, dressed in leggings and a striped tee, ordered grilled artichoke and—gasp-—was eating alone. Love the gourmet cojones on this broad! Rachelle still had a little Victoria in her. We were told by diners that her hair was quite "orangey."

Still, Lefevre wasn't hurting for company in the virtual world.

"She had a Bluetooth in but was texting the whole time," our Joans witness tells us. Elsewhere in T-town, a guy known for having beautiful company everywhere he goes was...

Leonardo DiCaprio. seen entering an office building on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood with a "cute blonde."

The A.T. fave had on his typical casual uniform: a dark baseball cap pulled down low, a blue T-shirt and khaki shorts. DiCaprio was "very friendly," a passerby tells us, saying hello to everyone he saw.

—Additional reporting by John Boone and Kate Alper

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