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We'll give you a breather on Twilight coverage—for now—even though we just know you gals 'n' guys are dying to talk about R.Pattz and K.Stew (trust, our poor inbox can vouch for that). Instead we're rounding up what you had to say on other nonvampire topics making the buzz as of late.

You know, the Sex and the City sequel's vacay from hell, Lance Armstrong's alleged bicycling no-no's, the incredibly disappearing Lady Gaga and life lessons learned from the newest Julia Roberts flick.

Here's what you had to say, 100 percent Robsten-free:

1. Abu Dhabi? More like Abu Don't Bother: Don't get us wrong, we thought the Sex and the City sequel was fabo, but not because of the trip to über-decadent Abu Dhabi. In fact, we feel the movie would have been much better if the gals had stayed in the Big Apple, so we asked if you felt the same. More than 75 percent of you agreed that Sex is so much better in the city!

Sure a couple of killjoys claimed, "Movie sucked. Period. End of story," but more of you loved the newest installment in the Carrie saga. Well, at least the stuff in N.Y. "Lame? I think so," a commenter bitched about the addition of camels. Another had a bigger problem with those beaches Carrie strolled on: "That place doesn't have a sewage collection system, and raw sewage is illegally dumped in the storm drains on a regular basis. So, in truth, if you swim there, you're swimming in s--t." Ew, babe.

But we have to admit, as a commenter noted, the desert provided some humor: "The best line in the movie...Lawrence of my labia!" Don't ever change, Samantha.

2. Leave Lance to ESPN, let's talk real goss! We consider Lance Armstrong a celebrity of sorts—he made tabloids with Sheryl Crow and Kate Hudson and that has to count for something, no?—so we were très interested in the possibility of the dude getting investigated for doping. We noticed you didn't feel the same way.

When we asked if you were interested in goss concerning the athlete, about half of you 'fessed that you couldn't care less about Lance and his salacious sporting secrets. "It's gossip but I can get it from ESPN, I want trashy Hollywood indulgence when I come here," one commenter complained. Another was much more direct: "He's boring and who cares about bicycle races?" Genius.

3. What's eating Lady Gaga? Not food, apparently: We were intrigued by Lady Gaga's new video, but we were totally troubled by her extreme weight loss—now even skinnier than when we called her out for "Telephone." So we asked if you though she was looking way too thin these days, and more than 60 percent of you agreed, but the comments told a whole different story. Don't they always?

"I don't see the problem...compare her to Lohan or Nicole Richie during their skinny phases and she looks practically fat," one commenter pointed out. Uh, yeah, and they had serious problems. Maybe it's better to nip it in the bud before it gets to that point.

We can agree with one chick, who wisely stated: "Duh, it's a well-known fact that women get thinner the more famous they get."

4. We're all just a bunch of loveless losers, huh? This one took us by surprise. After checking out the trailer for Julia Robert's newest movie, Eat, Pray, Love, we wondered whether your life was in need of an upgrade when it came to loving or eating (or if you were perfectly fine, thank you very much). And while most of you said you're in need of some romance, the comments were dominated by a different sentiment:

None of you were shy about sharing your thoughts on Jules: "Ugh. I just really don't like Julia Roberts," said one commenter. "This sanctimonious cow is highly overrated in the acting and looks department and I don't know anyone who does not find her annoying," said another. You also weren't shy about slamming her guaranteed-summer hit: "Hated this gawdawful book, will never see this POS movie."

Ouch, babes. Maybe we all do need to a little more loving.

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