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Robert Pattinson joked last week to French Premiere about how racy Breaking Dawn should get, what with the long-awaited sex scene:  

"I'm wondering how they will be able to translate this onscreen. We'll end up with a R-rated movie...Can you imagine if we decided to go all in and turn Twilight into a raw saga for adults with sex scenes and everything? Summit would appear as the most progressive studio in the world. This would be funny."

You know we're all for this idea. But what do the powers that be, Melissa Rosenberg and Stephenie Meyer, think will happen realistically? And what does Kristen Stewart want? Do read on...

"My guess is that it'll be PG-13," Stewart told us over the weekend when we asked her if she agreed with Rob in sexing up B.D. a lot.

Hey, we'll take what we can get, just as long as the scene where Rob and Kristen, er Edward and Bella, finally get down to doing the nasty isn't skipped over with a music montage. And it's not just because we're horndogs...Hello, it's what the past three friggin' movies have been building up to!

Rosenberg had us a tad worried when she told the L.A. Times, "For me it's actually more interesting to not see it," responding to fans' demand for both a hot sex scene and a graphic birth. "You know, you can do childbirth without seeing childbirth...It doesn't mean it's any less evocative of an experience."

So Dexter of her to say.

Sure, we can def do without a vampire-human baby birth, but don't you dare take away the fun, raunchy stuff! But fear not, a source tells us Rosenberg knows what's up when it comes to writing the pillow-biting scene.

"[Melissa] knows what fans want," our Twi source assures us, regarding the screenwriter's idea to make Breaking Dawn much more physical. "The book calls for a lot more heat, so that's why Melissa is all for making that happen, since it's really what Stephenie wrote in the first place. Stephenie just wants it to stick to the book. Plus, the actors involved seem pretty enthused about taking it up a notch."

Good, now that sex is out of the way, here's what Rosenberg told us at the Eclipse press conferences about the logistics of splitting the movie up:

"Nothing has actually been decided, but the natural split is somewhere between she's human in movie one, then she's a vampire. She's human and pregnant in one; she's a vampire and a parent in two. Bill Condon has been looking at that from a visual standpoint. That said, there's a lot of room about where that moment is." 

Ugh, why is November 2011 so far away? If you need your Robsten fix though, check out Eclipse on June 30. It may not have pillow biting in it, but it's definitely the most lovey-dovey out of the three so far.

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