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Jessica Rinaldi / Reuters

We all know a lot of H'wood gals—and after Swaggate and her love of this town's limelight, we officially consider Sarah Palin of the T-town crowd—don't exactly like 'fessing up to having had any sort of work done.

And now Sarah P. is lashing back at rumors that she might have gotten an upgrade in the chest department:

"Maybe some of these reporters' own saline and silicon got in their way as they chased this latest rumor, so they missed it!" Sarah lashed back to In Touch Weekly after her busty appearance at the Belmont Stakes in N.Y. left people wondering if the grade-A boob had upped her own cup size.

Hey, babe, just for the record, Team Awful is all-natural.

"If these reporters who insist that I had surgery would do just a tiny bit of research and easily Google other casual pictures—for instance pictures from my visits with the troops in Kosovo and Kuwait over the years—they'd see proof that I look the same as I always have," Sarah said in her defense.

Look, S.P., we know how to work a search engine, just like we're sure you'll know how to work your silicon (or not) sex appeal. We saw the pics of you in your oversize, gray T-shirt, rallying morale, and we're still not buying it.

We're sure the troops—and their, uh, morale—would much prefer a visit from you now, don't you think?

But what do you all think? Is Sarah working what her mama gave her or what a certain fab doctor gave her?

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Is Sarah Palin lying about not having had a boob job?
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